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Why InTandem Digital Consulting?

Whether we're designing your website, conducting a customer journey mapping workshop or managing a social media campaign, our clients are a part of the entire journey, know what to anticipate from the very beginning and are set up for success upon completing a project with InTandem. We offer end-to-end, holistic solutions. Communication and setting proper expectations are paramount.


We Listen

It is now more important than ever to listen to one another. Any consultant can tell you what to do, but not every consultant will listen, to ensure what they are advising is the right solution, for you. Our mission is to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience through your entire journey. 


We serve our clients with humility and see every one of them as a valued partner, working in tandem with us, to find appropriate and inspiring solutions. We offer a wide variety of custom, digital services like website design and social media management. We take our 10+ years of Customer Experience knowledge a step further and also offer CX Strategy Consulting and Business Development to small and mid-size businesses.




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Ficere Writing Solutions

Ficere's Writing Solution's owner, author and audiobook narrator, Dave, needed a way to reach a wider audience, and revamp his online presence. With more and more of Dave's clients wanting him to ghostwrite entire books or even do their audiobook productions, FWS needed a fresh new look!

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Chafin Realty, Inc

Atlanta, Georgia

Even though Chafin Realty is the 9th largest builder in Atlanta and well-known for their quality craftsmanship and 5 star customer satisfaction reviews, their search rankings on Google were low and visitor bounce rates were much too high.


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Together, Awe-Inspiring is Possible

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